School Management Software

Exigo School ERP is a division of Orange Dice Solutions. Our professional team developed unique and user-friendly software contains all activities to be undertaken in a School. School software helps to accomplish a smooth running of Schools without wasting your valuable time. Today the value of time is more precious; wastage of time decreases your energy and profit. School Management Software treats and manages the entire sector of school.


1. 4 login modules are:
• Admin
• Staff
• Student
• Parents
2. School management:
School management introduces to communicate with your school community anytime of the day or night, from school, home or on the road. It facilitates the user in managing all school related activities like academics, fee management, exam management, attendance management, details about teachers, parents and students, etc.It is user friendly.
Staff management: 
Staff management helps to manage data about employees their leaves and salary employee can be categorized according to designation and job category. Employee details and additional information can be extracted on a single click.
Student management:
Student management assists in supervising all student activities and their academic performance either class wise/individual student reports can be generated.
3. Time tables:
Includes school daily time table, students as well as staffs.
4. Library management:
Takes cares of all library systems and maintains track records of books.
5. Store: Include the records of store items such as tables, benches, chairs etc.
6. Finance/Payroll management:
It keeps records of everything related to payrolls. By making use of this facility you can generate pay-slips and generate pay-slips and report on salaries.
7. Transportation Management:
Complete solution for transportation system. Track details of routes, trips, names and driver and assistants, fee received etc.
8. Examination
Includes exam schedules and students mark lists. 
9. Fee management:
It gives control over fee concerned tasks like fee collection, dues, paid reports etc.
10. Administration:
Purpose is to manage the school admin work.
11. Hostel:
Manage everything at school hostel. Can view reports on number of students/teachers or other staff members.
12. SMS facilities:
SMS facility let parents know their child’s progress, fee payment, dues in fees, meeting schedules and reminders.
13. Email:
Mails the details about the programs, fees, meetings scheduled etc.
14. Automated generation of ID card,progress card:
It facilitates the automatic registration number; roll number, progress report etc.
15. Students full details including attendance,exam,fee details etc in a single click:
Student’s full details including attendance, exam, fee details in a single click Helps in managing the entire details of a student.

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